7 Things No One Tells You About Selling Books on Amazon FBA

[elf-links] 1. You will spend a lot of your time removing horrible sticky stickers and cursing the thrift stores that use horrible sticky stickers. 2. When something you ordered online arrives, you will get more excited about the box it came in than the actual item itself. 3. Sometimes, at an especially crowded book sale, […]

6 Tips for Selecting Books for Resale on Amazon FBA

[elf-links] You dug through the bin or to the back of the shelf, and you spotted it there – boom! Score – a book find to make your week and bring you lots of cash via Amazon FBA. Your scouting app tells you you’ll make $$$ if you sell it. Should you buy it? It depends. Here’s my […]

SOLD! Cookbook Score Turned Into Cash

[elf-links] Here’s a unique, profitable book I found at my local thrift store recently. I paid 0.97, and it sold within a month for: I’d say $59 is a great return on my investment. These types of niche cookbooks can be great sellers. There are a plethora of cookbooks out there for people with diabetes […]

7 Things to Do When Your Amazon FBA Book Sales Are Slow

It’s that time of year – textbook sales are done until the second semester, and it’s the pre-Christmas retail season. I don’t know about you, but my sales have slowed significantly from what they were in mid-August to early September. Meanwhile, everyone on FBA forums and Facebook groups is talking Quarter 4 strategies. What’s a […]

How to Survive (and Profit From) Your Local Library Fill-A-Bag Sale

It’s my most favorite time of the year – book sale season! There’s a book sale every weekend in my neck of the woods. Books currently account for more than three quarters of my total sales for the year (Grocery and Health & Beauty comprise most of my other sales), so I’m sourcing books every week. […]