Amazon Slow Sales: It Sucks, and How I’m Coping

[elf-links] I haven’t posted here in a while. I realized last night, though I’ve had “Post to blog” on my to-do list for a while, that I’ve been avoiding it. Because Amazon slow sales suck and I don’t want to think about it or talk about it even. It feels like nothing is happening, nothing […]

How to Make Money With Books: BOLO Books!

[elf-links] As a bookseller, I rely heavily on tech (in my case, a database program and Bluetooth scanner) to help me make fast purchasing decisions that I can use to turn a profit. But the longer I make money with books, the more I realize that I love much more than just the eventual cash […]

6 Tips for Selecting Books for Resale on Amazon FBA

[elf-links] You dug through the bin or to the back of the shelf, and you spotted it there – boom! Score – a book find to make your week and bring you lots of cash via Amazon FBA. Your scouting app tells you you’ll make $$$ if you sell it. Should you buy it? It depends. Here’s my […]

How to Survive (and Profit From) Your Local Library Fill-A-Bag Sale

It’s my most favorite time of the year – book sale season! There’s a book sale every weekend in my neck of the woods. Books currently account for more than three quarters of my total sales for the year (Grocery and Health & Beauty comprise most of my other sales), so I’m sourcing books every week. […]

I Love a Good Book Haul: Library Book Sale

I am only just starting my blog, but I have been selling books online for years. I started out Merchant Fulfilling books I owned but no longer wanted or books I received gratis from publishers (I was a freelance editor in a past life). Sometimes I would pick up a book specifically to resell, but […]