7 Ways for Sellers to Find New Private Label Manufacturers

[elf-links] This journey I’m on – to sell products online – has opened my eyes to a whole world of retail I never knew existed. I used to cruise through the grocery store or Wal-mart, throwing needed items into my cart without much thought. I’d register the cost of the item and whether it was […]

UPC Codes and Your Amazon Selling Account

[elf-links] If you’ve ever purchased something from a store or online, you’ve seen them, even though until you became an Amazon seller, you probably didn’t even notice them. They’re UPC codes, or bar codes, and they’re that 12-digit code that’s on the product label or printed directly on the product itself. If you’re just getting […]

5 Private Label Podcasts, Spreecasts, and Videos to Educate and Inspire You

[elf-links] Few people in my day-to-day life know that I sell on Amazon (in fact, many of them don’t even know that you can order more than books there!). Even fewer know what a third-party seller is or what the term “private label” means. Fortunately, I’ve found an abundance of inspirational and educational private label […]

3 Places You Can Get Custom Packaging Made for Your Private Label Products

Creating custom packaging for your private label product that you’re selling on Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to increase sales and make your product stand out. It says to the customer: “We care about how our product looks and are willing to go the extra mile to create a great experience for […]

What Is a Shipping Mark and How to Create Your Own

A few days after placing my first private label order to sell on Amazon FBA, I received this email from my supplier. “Please send us your shipping mark as soon as possible.” With no manufacturing or importing experience in my background, I was clueless. I’d listened to endless podcasts and read numerous blog posts on […]