3 Places You Can Get Custom Packaging Made for Your Private Label Products

Creating custom packaging for your private label product that you’re selling on Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to increase sales and make your product stand out. It says to the customer: “We care about how our product looks and are willing to go the extra mile to create a great experience for you.” It prevents other sellers from hijacking your listing, since your logo, colors, and packaging are unique to your product. Finally, it gives your private label product an additional veneer of quality, something definitely needed in the competitive private reselling space. Here are a few places you can order custom packaging for your product from the comfort of your own office:

1. Bags & Bows

Bags & Bows offers an array of interesting custom packaging for your private label products, everything from custom boxes, kraft mailers, and custom labels. With a label, these Kraft mailers would be perfect to protect a small item:

Private Label Kraft Mailers

Or you could try a pillow box in a unique pistachio color:

Pistachio Pillow Mailers

In both cases, you can brand the box with your logo. The greatest thing about Bags & Bows is that they allow branded packaging with small minimums, such as 100 or even 25 boxes. There’s also the availability of hot stamping, which allows you to add your logo in luxe foil. For the private labeler on a budget who doesn’t want to commit to 1000s of boxes and a $400-600 plate fee (a fee that many box manufacturers charge to create a metal plate with your logo), Bags & Bows is a perfect option.

2. Uprinting

Need a small number of bag toppers and custom header cards? Uprinting offers a variety of ways to customize your private label product packaging. With minimums of 250 or less, they allow you to get started with custom packaging for less. Check out their custom bag toppers:

Custom Bag Toppers

Other products that private labelers might find useful are:

Custom Hang Tags
Product Inserts/Brochures

I ordered 1,000 product inserts from Uprinting for my first private label product and I was very pleased with the quality of the printing.

3. Salazar Packaging

Salazar has a wide variety of boxes available for private label branding. When I contacted Salazar for a quote for a subscription box service I was considering launching, their customer service was swift and responsive. They do require a higher minimum order (1,000) than Uprinting or Bags & Bows, but if your product is a sure winner and you are ready to invest in upgraded packaging, they have some beautiful, high-quality options. If you have a beauty product, check out their White on Kraft in the Gallery. Or how about a men’s grooming product with these black on kraft options? They can even customize the pattern inside your private label product box.