5 Private Label Podcasts, Spreecasts, and Videos to Educate and Inspire You

Few people in my day-to-day life know that I sell on Amazon (in fact, many of them don’t even know that you can order more than books there!). Even fewer know what a third-party seller is or what the term “private label” means. Fortunately, I’ve found an abundance of inspirational and educational private label podcasts out there. Whether you’re looking for beginners in the private label space who are just starting their journey or more experienced sellers who have already launched several products, there’s a podcast or Youtube channel for you.

In some cases, the URLs included may be affiliate links.

1. The Amazing Seller

Posting Schedule: 3x / Week
Coaching: Yes

Hands down, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE private label podcast resource. Scott Voelker only started his private label journey in October 2014, and began podcasting in 2015, but he has created an amazing resource for private labelers. With new episodes coming at you at least three times a week and free weekly webinars with detailed info about how to get started private labeling, Scott has an upbeat, positive, you-can-do-it tone that makes you feel like you actually can. He interviews successful private labelers, shares regular private label income reports, and answers viewer questions. I strongly recommend you check it out, go back to Episode 1, and listen until your ears bleed or you start raking in the piles of cash from your private label products.

The Amazing Seller is listed first here because I heard a lot about private labeling before I listened to TAS and was even considering purchasing an expensive program to get me started (which would have severely cut into my working capital). Instead, I soaked up Scott’s info like a sponge – never ended up buying the $$$ course – and now I’ve launched over half a dozen products and bundles to success. Though the information on the podcast is free, Scott also offers you a coaching program.

2. Andy Slamans

Posting Schedule: About 1x / Month
Coaching: Yes

Andy Slamans started out as a part-time seller on Amazon, doing retail and online arbitrage while holding a full-time job. Within the last 18 months, he turned to private labeling physical products and quit his job to focus full-time on his family and Amazon business. Slamans offers an entertaining, informative look at private labeling and even offers a more advanced coaching course called Alibaba to Amazon 2.0 for those who want more personal help. Unlike Scott Voelker and other Amazon private labelers, what I like about Slamans is his extensive experience selling on Amazon prior to private labeling. Amazon holds sellers accountable to knowing lots of policies and Slamans has a more mature selling profile, as well as relationships with power players in the Amazon reselling space, such as Chris Green, author of Online Arbitrage and creator of the scanning software Scanpower.

3. Niche Pursuits

Posting Schedule: Bi-Weekly
Coaching: No for Private Label

Niche Pursuits is another resource for the business owner who wants to begin selling physical products on Amazon. Spencer Haws and his partner Perrin Carrell spent years developing niche authority sites on the Internet but recently (spring of 2015) began selling goods on Amazon. They’ve had some amazing early results, and with their copywriting and SEO experience, I’m excited to keep listing to their income reports and product development.

4. Private Label Podcast

Posting Schedule: Weekly to Bi-Weekly
Coaching: Yes

Kevin Rizer has created a podcast based heavily on interviews with private label sellers. It’s a nice complement to some of the other podcasts out there that are heavily focused on how-tos. Rizer has a bit of a dry speaking style that sounds a lot like he’s just reading off the page, but he still has connections to lots of private labelers who are successful in their Amazon businesses, making upwards of $30,000 in products sales per month – so inspirational!

5. Ryan Daniel Moran’s Tribe Youtube videos

Posting Schedule: Weekly
Coaching: Yes

Moran, along with his partner, built an incredibly successful Amazon private label brand with the Amazon Selling Machine program – and recently sold it (ZenActive) for a huge chunk of change. He’s still in the game of selling private label products on Amazon, but also coaches a “Tribe” of coaching students on growing their own private label businesses. Moran hosts weekly Tribe Meetings on Google hangouts and posts them to his Youtube channel. Even if you’re not a member of the Tribe, you can watch these videos for free – and Moran and his partner are a wealth of information about promoting your products, growing your business, setting up partnerships, and more. Moran has charisma and charm and is a natural leader and host.


Is there a private label podcast, Spreecast, or video resource you recommend? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out!