7 Things No One Tells You About Selling Books on Amazon FBA

1. You will spend a lot of your time removing horrible sticky stickers and cursing the thrift stores that use horrible sticky stickers.

2. When something you ordered online arrives, you will get more excited about the box it came in than the actual item itself.

3. Sometimes, at an especially crowded book sale, you will consider tripping the granny next to you who is preventing you from getting access to that juicy-looking volume. Probably you won’t do it, but you’ll seriously consider it.

4. You will hear the inevitable question, “Are you going to read all those books?” a million times. At least.

5. Lift with your legs, not your back. Or you’ll regret it. Better yet, invest in a dolly.

6. It’s OK to cry when you come across a super rare, valuable book – and immediately after, discover it’s covered in mold and falling apart.

7. And finally, depending how much you sell and how often you buy books with horrible sticky stickers, you’ll never have time to read again!